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Strategy to win MonkeyThunderBolt

Updated: May 27, 2022

This time's tip is one in which I'll show you how to win playing monkey thunderbolt with an RM200 bankroll. The statutory capital is RM200, which is necessary to ensure that any losses are covered by the RM200 capital.

For each pin, you must place a RM1 wager. You simply need to wager three pins to win. Don't wager more than the number of pins I've mentioned. Pin RM100, Pin RM125, and Pin RM175 are the values on which you must wager.

Make a wager using the above-mentioned bet and pin values. When you bet 23 times or more with a capital of RM200, you generally get a free monkey, jackpot, or bird that pecked your pin. That example, if the bet is RM1 for each pin that I designate, the amount on the capital is RM131 (RM3 x 23).

The pin you put on in the 23rd round and beyond will undoubtedly be the one you use. It's either a free monkey, a jackpot, or a bird, depending on how you use it. It usually makes its initial contact with the RM175 pin.

Please quit the game and logout if the pin you put has already been struck. Wait 5 to 10 minutes before starting to play like I shown above. However, you must remember to logout and wait 5 to 10 minutes every time a free monkey, jackpot, or bird peck appears, regardless of whether it strikes or misses the pin you placed. The chances of losing are high if you retain the intention to play even when the odds are in your favour.

All of the aforementioned suggestions, however, are contingent on your scr888 id. If you don't play at all with an RM200 capital, don't use that id again. Get a new id and find a new agent. The id isn't lucky at all.

Tips on how to play monkey thunderbolt this time were given a long time ago. If the administrator receives a tip that is not included above, the administrator will update the page. If you succeed with this strategy, don't forget to thank the administrator.

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