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Mega888's Big Winning Tips

Professional gamblers agree that recognising a good slot from a poor one is essential for all serious players. According to statistics, just 10% of Mega888's games are decent, with the rest 90% being terrible slots. Because they don't know how to place themselves in the correct slots to take advantage of this strategy, many amateur gamers don't generate regular money from slot games.

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Please take the following steps:

  1. At any moment throughout the night, from 18:00 (6PM) until 20:00, deposit with your suitable money (8PM).

  2. The minimum deposit is RM30.

  3. In the slot game, your one spin wager should be placed at 1% to 2% of your deposit amount.

  4. For example, if you deposit RM100, each spin costs between RM1 and RM2.

  5. If your slot game round has a "Big Win," "Mega Win," or "Ultra Win." Keep cashing out (WASH) first.

  6. Do not add your money if no one wins with the initial deposit. Your deposit will be reduced by 50%.

  7. No win on the first RM100 deposit. Only the second time, deposit RM50.

  8. If you've already cashed out. You may go through the steps again.

The following points should be noted:

a) Deposit Time - Because the server resets at this time;

b) The deposit amount is RM30 or more.

c) When winning the Big Win, DO NOT be greedy. Remove Cash first.


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