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Updated: Aug 1, 2023

For hundreds of years, gambling has attracted the interest of fans of risk and adrenaline. Their range is continually expanding. One of the most popular types of gambling entertainment is online slot machines. The selection of exciting and diverse slots is always growing, replenishing the collection of virtual establishments. In the online format, gamers can find slots to their liking and try their luck, getting a lot of adrenaline.

To start playing online slots, you need to launch their free versions. Many gamers use them to study all the features and rules of the game carefully. This format of launching slots helps players find possible pitfalls of simulators and choose the ideal tactics for the game. Experienced gamers always learn the latest innovations from leading developers in free variations.

Finance control

Experienced gamers always know how to stop in time while the machines are spinning. Players must understand that it is impossible to win at an online casino continually. Therefore, before starting the game, users need to set clear financial limits for themselves. The size of one bet per spin must be in the range of 10-20% of the pot. It's not profitable to bet less than 10% of your bankroll on a game. After all, the number of payments with a successful outcome will be minimal.

All professional gamblers know how to set limits for themselves on winning and losing. It is considered that users should not continue playing if their original bankroll has increased by 50% or decreased by 25%. In this case, it is worth leaving the casino.

Due to the pandemic situation going on worldwide, everything has shifted online. From studies to shopping and every other thing we could imagine is now converted to online. Just like that, casino slots games moved to online and at a vast scale so that the people who were fond of playing casino games would stay home and won't miss the fun.

Mega888, XE88, and 918kiss are the most popular online casino games during this pandemic. These online slot games are not only popular, but they also have some interesting hidden secrets that will pull you towards them, and you would love to play them again and again.

Why should one choose Mega888?

As we all know that Mega888 is not the only option to play online slot games, one would rather have this in mind why we should play Mega888 and not any other game?

Let me give you some perks that you won't find anywhere except Mega888.

Mega888 is a massive platform of online slots and many other games to find easy guidelines and rules. Here you can have easy payment chips that help you in playing and winning money with ease. The graphics and themes of the game are quite realistic and unique.

Along with this, Mega888 is user friendly. They keep their customers and gamblers as their priority, due to which they have positive feedback. This game also provides you with a chance of social interaction with other players to help you win and get along with people who are experts at it.

The main feature that distinguishes Mega888 from other casino games is that they are life. You can see live betting and gambling all the way. This feature enables and provides you with a real-life experience of playing in a casino while you are not there. You can easily play it at home or around your workplace without any difficulty or trouble.

Unlike most online games, these games are scam-proof and are not computer-generated. They generate results based on the game you are playing live. In addition to this, no bots or computer players are here; all the players playing here are real persons worldwide. As compared to the original casinos, they have no crowd at all that gives you ease to play. They have a large number of tables and slots, due to which there is no chance that anyone would wait for their turn.

This is not like traditional gambling, as there is no place for cheaters and ill-mannered people. Here, an option of the blacklist is present that keeps the cheaters away. The primary key to winning and flourish here is interacting with as many people as you can with polite and kind behavior, so there are zero risks of getting blacklisted.

As for gambling and winning money, we have to put our identity here as openly as possible to get the amount paid accurately. But the question arises: is gambling and putting your personal information here in this game safe? Besides, thousands of hackers and virtual thieves are always looking for a chance of jackpot by any means. Is it safe to play Mega888 in such conditions?

So let me inform you that YES! It is 100% safe and secure to put your personal information in this game. Its security system is secured through a firewall from the top-notch that keeps the hackers and virtual thieves away from it. It is also connected with two-factor authentication, i.e., via email and casino app that will help you log in to your account will full privacy and security.

But still, there must be quite a few people who would be wondering, what if this all is just a scam and a way to attract more and more consumers when there is no such security there? Well, man, we've got your back here too. If you still have some trust issues here, don't worry at all, as Mega888 and its programmers had covered it for you.

Here in Mega888, if you are still confused about where or not you should invest or make your account here, you have this chance to use the test id. Here we provide you with a test id so that you may have the experience yourself, and you can check whether you want to make an account here or not. As already mentioned before, Mega888 is totally user friendly, and they care about their customers and players more than anything else.Along with these security and general attractions present here in Mega888, we also have this essential attraction that has conquered many hearts from 2015 till now. And that is the theme-based games and online slots. These slots are totally theme-oriented, from their relaxing music to the colors and the theme; everything is based on a specific theme that is different in each slot.

Some slots like the CHERRY LOVE and THAI PARADISE are rated to be for children above 18. Whereas some themes like SPARTA and DISCOVERY are related to the events from history, you'll be surprised to see each theme's detailing, and for sure, you will love it.

Mega888 is not only a game but is also a way to earn more and more. This game helps you to relax whenever you are feeling tired. The music, bright colors, and the different attractive themes help you take a break from this pandemic. Along with these benefits, Mega888 also has some hidden secrets in their online slots that will provide you a chance to play more efficiently and with more probability of winning.

Hidden Secrets in Mega888 Online slots

As of now, we are well aware of the Mega888 online slots and their games. No online game may be available without secrets or hidden codes that can let players win with smart work rather than hard work. After a lot of research, I have gathered these ten hidden secrets in Mega888 to help you in playing and winning big.

  1. Low ownership

Low ownership is one of the major hidden secrets in Mega888 that can work for you anytime. The less you own, the more you win. We can say that it is better to show your assets as low as possible. But it should be kept in mind that you should have this much ownership that you can place a reasonable bet without lacking any money.

The reason and explanation behind this secret are quite simple. As you can see, when someone has a tremendous amount of ownership, and they put all of that on stake, they would have a risk of losing all of their assets and investments.

On the other hand, if we have low ownership and are cashing out all the excess money, we are always in profit. Whenever you place a bet, you will have this thing in mind that no matter what will happen to your chance, whether you lose or win the bet, you'll still have a part of it safe back at your place.

Along with this, whenever you'll play in the slot, other people around you will always consider you as a new player and will underestimate your gaming skills. But when you play a good game and win big at the end, the people will be shocked. This is also an excellent way to socialize yourself and promote yourself. People will talk more to you and would like to know about you more and more.You can quickly expand your network and play with various people at different themes and slots, maximizing your win rate and earning.

  1. Online machine slot investment

Whenever you are playing online, don't forget to invest in the online machine slots. It is not like you should only support the machine slots. It would help if you played online slots with other people. But as a side-kick or boost, you should also invest some amount in the machine slots.So what is the main point in investment in machine slots? The main point is the probability of wins is not fixed as it is in online slot games. In online slot games, the amount of reward improved due to the players' investment. But it is not the same in the machine slots.

In the machine slots, the rewards are varied from time to time. Sometimes, the premium is low, but it is more than we have invested most of the time. For those who are here to win and earn cash, investing now-and-then in the machine slots is a great opportunity.

  1. Play in Tiger

As this game consists of different themes according to other concepts, playing Tiger can also be a safe way to earn more. The name of the theme it is not indicating that playing here would result in winning good money. Playing in Tiger can somehow cause you to win a massive amount of money.

Here you can invest according to your pocket and double up your wallet with less effort and techniques than other games. Some also consider that playing in Tiger is not safe. Due to this misconception, playing in Tiger has become the secret of Mega888.

  1. GClub

GClub is a specific slot with registration that can help you with various gift prizes and much more. Enrollment in GClub can provide you benefits that will be beneficial to you in the long run. Jackpot spins and promotions have a special place for the GClub holders, and this is an easy way to earn more and more, even from free spins.

It is also true that without the GClub registration, you can still be able to win more of the free spins and free jackpots. But with the registration, you can win more than what a usual player of the Mega888 can win. This registration often seems stupid, but it proves to be helpful from the moment you have it.

  1. Free spins and Bonuses

Here in online slot games, most of the time, it is considered that the free spins and bonuses that are provided to you while playing are mostly a scam. And they are usually a way to have your money and nothing else. But that is all wrong in the case of online gaming and online slots. Here in Mega888, 918Kiss, and XE88, these bonuses, and free spins are more than ever real.

As this myth about the scam of free spins and bonuses is quite old and is strong now due to the internet scams, it is quite a challenging task. But when you are in the online casino world, you don't have to worry about it, as all the free spins and bonuses are real.

These free spins can be there daily or every week. They bring loads and loads of free rewards along with them so that you can win and get motivated to play and invest as much as you can. The bonuses can also offer you stars that can let you have a free entry in the mega spin without any investment. These stars and their use are also customized, and we can use them as we want without any restriction of rules.

  1. All possible Betting details

Before betting in the pay line, you should always consider all the possible betting options and details. As in these games, there is a hidden secret in the betting details too. There will always be a hint in all the possible betting details that would lead you towards the win. In this, you should have a keen observance and a proper sense of playing to see that hint.

These hints are hidden in such a way that a player can only see them. And these hints are so useful that they can let you win without any extra effort. Keeping these hints in mind, you should always remember to look with a broader view than just looking at the possible betting options.

"Random Jackpot"

This column of "Random Jackpot" is present in the corner of the screen, and it fluctuates all the time like an ad or something. But the thing here is that this random jackpot is also not a joke. It is also as real as the free spins and bonuses. This Random Jackpot can be a term in the most straightforward manner to win the big deals.

You can trigger the Random Jackpot any time and can win big any time. You don't have to wait for the prize to show up in your wallet. The people mostly underestimate this column, and it is all due to the scams of the internet. But once you have tried it, I bet you cannot get rid of it.This Random Jackpot can also be characterized as the Lamp of Aladdin because this can fulfill your wish of winning more and more within no time. You can also become a millionaire overnight with the help of this Random Jackpot.

  1. Free stars

Free stars might sound stupid and dumb in the world of online casinos whenever you have seen them in your free spin's win. But the hidden secret is that these stars can be used in various ways that are not even known to the people. These free stars are like a key to the treasure.

These stars can work as the beginning of the glory. Meanwhile, the free stars are easily customized according to our use in-game, and they can be used in the way we want. These stars are the entry token for the unique spins where you could win free prizes and gifts on a daily or weekly basis.

In other words, if we can see, we can count these stars as a free investment from our side. These stars are like the entry ticket to the lucky spins and mystery boxes that can lead us to win more and more jackpot prizes. If we don't have these stars, we have to pay a considerable amount of money to get ourselves into the free gifts and spins. In other words, we can also say that these stars are like a free investment with a tremendous amount of profit.

Those who underestimate these stars and get rid of them cry over them afterward when no one lets them into the free spins. In these spins, where the stars allow you to enter freely, the rewards are more significant than the regular free spins.

Work hand-in-hand

You might be wondering how in a casino, one can work hand-in-hand when everyone has to play on their own, and no one has anything to do with the game of the other. Here the concept of work hand-in-hand is meant to help others with the tricks and tactics. The professional players who have a high win rate and a constant earning rate should always support the new players and the weak players with the tricks they follow.

This secret is unknown to anyone yet, but the humbler and kind you are, the more you win. As you can share your experience with others, they directly consult with you. In this way, you may know about the points where you might have lagged in your previous games.If you will help the new person and share experience, maybe you will get to know why you have lost a specific amount, and you never miss a chance to win the whole amount to yourself.

  1. Trust your Instincts

While playing in the online casino, besides all the secrets lying here, the most important riddle is to listen to your instincts. While you may cheat and win while playing online, or you may apply a secret to win more but the most important thing is that you can never succeed without having faith in your instincts.

If you have no faith in yourself, then how can you gamble or even play a movie. There is no chance that a person can win without having faith in him and depending all on the cheat codes and secrets. As far as you have faith in yourself, you can win any game.The more you have faith in yourself, the more you will believe your instinct, the more you will play better, and the more you will have a chance to act and play wisely. Besides all the tricks, self-faith is the priority. Have faith in you, and you can be a billionaire in no time.

  1. Online Casino

Online casinos are playing an essential role during this time of the pandemic. They are helping people with playing the games they played while going to casinos. But now, as everything is closed and the world is observing lockdown situation, the casino games are shifted online.Many platforms are providing different casino games with the best services and efforts they can. As all of the programmers and media cannot offer the best online casino experience, some are working hard to provide their customers with the best of the world.

Mega888, XE88, and 918Kiss are some of South Asia's massive platforms providing you with the best online casino games. They are trying to improve their program day by day under the demand of customers.But the question is online casino a better way to play casino games? Well, of course. Online casinos are the most convenient; a faster and better option than going to any casino. They are well secured and also provide you with services according to your requirements.

Online casinos have brought a revolution in online gaming. They are better, faster, convenient, and secure and are more efficient than the real casino. Also, they provide you with several varieties and themes according to your mood and style. Some online slots and tables save you time in online casinos, and you can play whenever you want and wherever you want without any delay or wait.

Online casino is like an ultimate solution that you can play them easily, no matter if you are waiting for your train to come or if you are sitting in the home during a boring get-together. The online casino also provides you with step to step guidelines that can help you and provide you with a more significant chance to win.

When it comes to the real casinos, they are not customized, and they work on their own standards and rules without considering the fresher and the experts. You can play according to your level during online gambling, i.e., they have designed tables separately for the new players, casual players, and hardcore players.

The time adaptation in these games is overwhelming as you never have to worry if you are getting late to go home or have to catch someone on your way back. You can play with ease without considering your sitting time. As these casino games are online, you can play as much as you want. Whether it is quite late at night or it is early in the morning.

Besides these physical benefits, they also provide you benefits monetarily. Online casinos are cheaper and quite economical than real casinos as here you only have to pay for the chips and the gambling. Whenever you visit a casino, you have to pay for many other things. For the services, for the table, for the serving, and even for the snacks and other extra items.Due to these online casino games, it is quite efficient for the players to gamble without worrying about paying excessively for other useless things. You only have to pay for the chips and the bet that you want to place, and that is all done.

Besides, online casinos are an easy way to earn during this pandemic as you have to do nothing but sit and play with honesty and interest. These games also have the policy of blacklisting; the more you cheat, the more chance of getting blacklisted. The more you play safe, the more chances of winning.

The rate of investment in these games is much lower than the quality of winning. The more you know about the game's main tactics and the essential tricks, the more you have the chance to win. The more you win, the more money you get by the end of the gambling. An online casino can be considered as a part-time job or hobby that gives you profit in return.

People from Malaysia, Brunei, Cambodia, Singapore, and Thailand are getting themselves more and more in such games. Till now, these games are ranked as the most played game in South Asia. As they are easy to play and a great way to earn more and more without doing anything at all.

As compared to the traditional casinos, these are more reliable and are in more accordance with gambling rules. We can also say that these are more reliable than the international standards of gambling and real-world casinos. Not only this, but they also have this option where you can quickly seek help while playing your move.

  1. 918Kiss

918Kiss is one of the few casino games that were here from an old time. 918Kiss is a game known to the world for quite a long time and is still very popular among Malaysia's people. This game is unique and consists of other different games attracting more and more customers every year.

The slot games of 918kiss are quite attractive and consist of unique designs appealing to the eyes as soon as we enter them. They have a particular erotic essence that can attract players till now. This game's design and layout is also quite engaging and is still as attractive as it was before.

918Kiss can be categorized as the place where a person can relax and have some pleasure time. Most of the players come here to enjoy and relax in the free time with the games they want to play and earn. Along with relaxing here, you can have a chance to win money for yourself.

Unlike other slot games, 918kiss are the games where you can easily earn money, double your investment, and can enjoy side by side. It has superb graphics and technology to play with ease without any harsh or stringent rules. This game can also be used to win money more and more day by day. The rewards here are not constant so that you can win on different scales.

The most important and necessary point of this game is that you are free to play it, and you have the choice to choose your opponent, either as a human or a machine. You have this option if you want to play along with other players or play with the machine slots. You are not always bound to play it with machine slots or humans. It can work according to your mood.

Different themes and graphics of this game are quite catchy and are the main reason for this game's popularity. Like Mega888, this game also has other slots with different unique themes and are not found anywhere else.

The famous slot of this game is the Ocean King. The theme and the setting of this game are all based on the ocean. It is more of a fishing game where you have to catch different fishes to earn different amounts. The fun part of this game is that it contains some sea creatures rather than fishes that act as bonuses. And these bonuses help you to earn an extra 20 to 30% points.

Another fun slot of this game is Robin Hood. As all of the games of 918kiss are theme-oriented, this game is also based totally on the theme of Robin Hood. The setting and display of this game are all in the forest with trees and bushes. As Robin Hood was a man who had a bow and arrow with him, this game also is based on it. Here you have to bet on the pay line depending upon the hands where it will hit.

The fun part of 918kiss is the bonus that every new entry gets. Every person who signs up for the first time in 918kiss receives a premium of 30% instantly. It is not that only the new signed-in gets the reward. The already signed in players also get a 9% bonus.

This game also cares a lot about its customers and gamblers. For their customer care, they have different customer helpline groups on Whatsappand We Chat, where they directly contact the customers and help them with their problems. For the money's safe transaction, this game uses the HEL2pay app, which assures that the money is going to the right person in the given amount of time.


Most of the online slot games players have tried every slot game that has ever existed. And as time is moving forward, more and more people are trying to look for more slot games to play and enjoy them more. As we all know, nowadays, most people are there on the internet to copy every idea existing until that time. Similar is the case with the slot games.

People who are addicted to the slot games and can't get themselves over are adamant about getting them attracted to new games. XE88 is the most recent of the slot games to this date. But they are not here with the same old tradition of online slot games.

XE88 are the games that have never been seen before; themes and ideas are the main reason for their popularity. They have offered the most recent slot games that are new to the world. They are entirely unique and have more than 100 new slots to play and win money. In the game world, these are available with many modifications in their programs that are trendy and according to customers' customers.

This is the main reason why being a new game, XE88 is making its impact globally and is now in the race of competition with the old games. Due to this innovation in slot games, they are the most frequent and highest playing slots till now.

Each game has a new, distinguished but catchy theme that is grabbing the online slot game players worldwide. The names and layouts and graphics of the game and its music are entirely new and capturing. Each game has a distinctive theme and gaming system that provide the old players with some thrill and innovation in slot games.Immense Prosperity, Crystal Water, Wealth Treasure, Bonus Bear, and God of Wealth are some of the most popular games of xe88 that are played worldwide. Their unique games have a unique and distinctive theme, with each having a different layout and no illustrations.

Progressive Jackpot slots are also the most played slots from xe88. This slot has the biggest payout that can easily range up to millions of Malaysian Ringgits. This slot is not easy to play, but if you get the slot right, you can even fulfill your dream of becoming an overnight millionaire. More number of players results means more significant number of payouts.

Victory, Glamorous World, Stripper Night, Crystal Water, Green Light, and Wealth Treasure are the slots that are exceedingly jackpot oriented. These slots are only for those here to make some real money and not for those who are here to kill their time. Thai Paradise, Cheese in Trap, and Money Bunny are the slots specially made for people who are here to have fun.

XE88 also has promotions and bonuses along with them. These are to help the players get into the slots and play as much as they want and never get bored. These promotions work all week long, and the main reason behind them is more rewards to the players. The main point of these promotions and bonuses is that the lesser you invest, the more profit you get.

There are two types of bonuses present in xe88 gaming: the daily social bingo and the daily random spins. The rewards in these bonuses are beneficial for the people.In the Daily Social Bingo, you get a chance to play free bingo with different groups of people daily. From this bingo, the player's rewards help them in the full game that they'll play afterward.

In Daily Random Spins, you have the chance to spin the wheel for free. The rewards of the spin consist of stars that can range from 5 to 30 or even more. These stars’ act as the token of entry for further low investment and more profit scheme. Somehow, these stars can let you enter free into the lucky wheel and mystery box that different lead your way to bigger and better prizes.These stars can be used according to our will, and we can even customize them according to our desire. These stars are also quite beneficial for the free joining in the daily lucky draws and contests. In a way, these stars help us save as much money on other stuff as we can.

The main features of xe88 are also unique, just like their slots and themes. Some other games' wallpapers are relatively stagnant that they help distract the player from the competition. Also, some games consist of music that is quite annoying to the customers due to which they avoid getting in the room.Considering these drawbacks, xe88 and its programmers have designed and updated the game's system and features so that everyone would find it easy to play. Not even a single person would be left annoyed.

The game's colors and background are so soft and have intruding colors that attract the players towards them. Along with this, xe88 has said no to 3D wallpapers as they were a significant source of distracting the gamers from the game. Xe88 has used 2D beautiful and soft wallpapers pleasing to the eyes and supporting the game and its situation rather than distracting the customer from it.

Similarly, some games consist of sharp background music that can annoy the customers easily. In addition to this, they don't have any option to turn that music off, leading the customers to hate and get away from this game. Xe88 considered this matter as serious as any other and have resolved it.

They have used some soft and pleasing music in the background that does not cause any harm to the ears. Some people won't like music at all, so they have put the option of mute in the settings so that they can turn that music off without any trouble or hesitation. In this way, the player can easily play according to his nature and personality.

Along with these general settings, xe88 also has this Random Jackpot column on their screen that fluctuates. This random jackpot column is not spam, but it is a way to give their players some extra rewards. This column can be triggered and used any time of the day as it does not have any specific time to open it. Whenever you feel like opening this Random Jackpot, you can just click it and get the reward without extra effort.

Features of MEGA888 Online Slots

This game also is very caring and cares so much about its customers. Due to which the programmers have provided the slots with the customized information boxes. These information boxes will lead you to the information page to help you throughout the game whenever you need it.

  • These games consist of some symbols that are there for the customers' help, but some new players are not really aware of the symbols. The information page will always be there to help you understand what each character means.

  • When one is aware of all the symbols' meaning, it won't be difficult for him to use the characters during the game and win the whole game, right? This is not always possible, as these symbols can be quite confusing and can create a lot of mess and confusion, especially during the game's pressure and tension. The information page will always be there to help you figure out which symbols should we look for.

  • As a new player in the game, for sure, this is a huge decision to make whether or not to put massive money on a stake or not, while looking at the game's condition. And for this purpose, there are no specific rules when you have to put how enough money and money shouldn't be paid. This confusion is also solved in the information page where you are guided according to your moves whether it is safe to put a tremendous amount of money at the table or not.

  • The information page helps you during the game, but it can also help you out with other things on the slot that are going on. The information page can also be useful to understand the slot features and how to adjust and customize them according to yourself.

All the above-discussed information that we can have been the ones that are quite normal and should be there in every game for the new players. But this information that you can have and I'm going to tell you about now is quite extraordinary and at least I have never thought about having this kind of information from the game itself. And that is the winning combination that we can subscribe to put on the pay line. This is the plus point to this slot game that it can even provide you with the winning combinations for each pay line.


  • These hidden secrets of the Mega888 online slots are quite helpful

  • Less investment. More Profit

  • Secure

  • Good for time pass

  • Easy way to have fun and earn

  • It keeps you home and safe in this pandemic

  • Good source of entertainment for all ages


  • Can lose all the money at once

  • Risky

  • Time taking


The ten hidden secrets in the Mega888 online slots are quite impressive, and they all work well. These games have no doubt brought innovation and advancement to our lives. Like every other thing, the casino is also available online now, which should be appreciated. This is a new way of bringing happiness and new opportunities to the people who were spending their lives during this quarantine dully. Mega888, XE88, and 918Kiss are a revolution nowadays that can help people in this pandemic. People can sit home and earn without any trouble.

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