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Surprising Secrets of 918Kiss Slot Hit Frequency

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

918Kiss Slot secrets is an online slot game that features a feline named Kitkat and her numerous loyal friends. The game's concept is similar to other slot games; however, the unique features of 918Kiss make it stand out from the crowd. These include a fixed hit frequency, a bonus system, and wild reels that replace regular symbols. Below are some notable details about the game that might surprise you.

918Kiss is one of the more popular online slot games. It's also fairly new since it launched in 2016. The game has over 100 winning combinations and 20 bonus games. Each winning combination has a kiss value- hence the name of the game. A kiss is also used as the game's symbol set. By default, everyone starts out with a full bank of kisses in their game account. It's possible to win up to five times the value of your total bank when landing a winning kiss.

Every winning combination has a kiss value, but landing a kiss isn't easy. To land a winning kiss, you must control a Kitkat character on every winning combination grid. You must also land at least three consecutive kisses in each spin to earn bonus points. This ensures that only skilled players can land a winning kiss while playing 918Kiss online slots. Landing three consecutive kisses awards an extra bonus of 10 times your total bet in each Kiss Bonus round. Landing four consecutive kisses gives an extra bonus of 20 times your total bet, and landing five consecutive kisses awards an extra bonus of 50 times your total bet per kiss.

It's possible to win in the game's bonus rounds by landing consecutive kisses. To do this, you must land four consecutive kisses in one spin and earn an exploding cat bonus symbol on your fifth kiss dropdown. Your sixth kiss must then land on an exploding squirrel bonus symbol to win extra coins. Landing seven consecutive kisses awards you with extra lives for your cat character- which can help you get more high-scoringkiss combinations in later rounds.

Players can increase their chances of winning when playing 918Kiss online slots by maximizing their bank of nine-nine currency symbols. Maximizing your bank ensures you have enough currency for multiple successful kiss drops during each game play cycle. You can also maximize your score by landing four consecutive exploding cat bonuses in one Kiss Bonus round and landing five consecutive exploding squirrel bonuses in another Kiss Bonus round. These strategies will give you the best chance of claiming your reward when playing 918Kiss online slot games!

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